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    Balmore Open 14th July 2018
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  • History

    Glenorchard Estate & Balmore golf course, Glasgow

    bigpicBalmore golf course was laid out in 1907 on Glenorchard Estate at Baldernock just north of Glasgow.

    Glenorchard House and country estate date back to the early 19th century and was owned by the Gray family then later the Bartholomew family. Described as self sustaining with the eccentric owners preferring Gas made by the gardener to electricity.

    The father of the last proprietors was responsible 'for the rare and lovely trees which grey throughout the estate'. James Bartholomew, an ornithologist, was President of the Scottish Society for the Protection of Wild Birds in 1926.

    In 1907 the greatest golfer in the world at the time, Harry Vardon, laid out Balmore Golf Course, describing it as having 'natural advantages and excellent possibilities'.

    Situated near the Kelvin Valley branch railway line, which had no station, the Golf Club was by 1971 the only licensed premises in the parish.

    The golf course is rich in beautiful trees as the Glenorchard Estate has one of the best conifer collections in the district, planted largely during the 19th century in a belt along the south drive to the former Glenorchard House. Specimens include giant sequoia, Douglas Fir, monkey puzzle and blue Serbian spruce.

    The area of parkland to the east of the former house site contains uncommon mature specimen trees such as yellow-leaved sycamore, copper beech and chestnut.

    Many of the unusual ornamental trees were planted by the father of the last owners of the estate. The last Bartholomew died in 1957 and the house was demolished.

    There has been sensitive planting on the golf course since its opening in the early-20th century, largely retaining the parkland character.